"When I received my Ergo Performance System (EPS), I noticed the difference right away after attaching it to my vest. The feeling is indescribable!


I had to do a dismounted patrol through an olive tree orchard. We had to climb up quite a hill to get to our objective. I found that the weight of my vest was more evenly distributed. Breathing was a whole lot easier than it was before I had it on there. I could actually feel my lungs filling up with air with ease as opposed to before. Ventilation was also noticeably better. It was cold and windy that night on the patrol and I noticed that my back, which usually remains soaked had actually dried out, so I wasn't as cold once we set in for the night.


All in all you guys have created a phenomenal product. All of the guys in the unit have expressed an interest in it, so hopefully you'll start getting some orders in the near future. I can't thank you enough for providing me with the opportunity to T&E the Ergo. I think that it's something that every Service member should have for their body armor. Thank you again ."

- Deployed SOF Operator 

- Operator (CANSOF)

I evaluated the Ergo Performance System (EPS) while deployed in Iraq and wore it on multiple operations usually spanning 3-5 days. During quick removal and redressing of PC in rugged conditions the insert held up very well with no re-adjustment required.

The EPS helped distribute the weight away from the shoulders and it also helped with the flow of heat and temperature control. While this helped the body control its temperature, it also helped with the problem of friction that usually occurred when the vest was under significant weight. The EPS also allowed for ease of breathing (a characteristic I would argue) is often overlooked when trialing PC vests.

Overall, the Ergo Performance System held up well in a harsh environment and gave me added comfort and support that was desperately needed. I feel this will also help with lower back problems my unit and I’m sure many other units and teams suffer from.

- Deployed SOF Operator 

I personally feel that the Ergo will benefit any rig system it is integrated with. I have served in Afghanistan as part of a close protection unit and currently with  ******. I have used a few different chest rigs and body armor systems in my time with the military and with the police.


In my experience the vast majority of operators utilizing these pieces of equipment tend to prefer wearing their PC tight to their body for mobility and agility. However, stacking 50 lbs. of equipment tends to restrict breathing, being counterintuitive. 

The Ergo allowed me to pull the armor tight to my body, giving me the security and confidence of movement, while enhancing my ability to breathe more comfortably. Where I felt the EPS excelled at was it created a slight void for chest expansion while still remaining firmly secure.  I could draw a full breath of air that was not inhibited by the tightness of the rig.

You look closely at any police officer after they get into a foot pursuit or an altercation, as soon as the dust settles they undo one side of their vest so they can breathe. How great would it be to have a system where that wasn’t necessary and the equipment we wore to protect us from one thing wasn’t a hindrance for another?

- Active Tactical Law Enforcement Officer

I range tested the Ergo in winter conditions. My initial impression of the Ergo when I attached it to my PC (plate carrier) was how the weight distribution seemed to feel better as the plate was no longer sitting directly on my back. I then did two runs on a tactical shooting range. The first run was using my PC only and the second was using my PC with the Ergo.


I noticed two fundamental changes when using the Ergo. First of all, with plates worn on the front and back of the PC, breathing becomes difficult as you bring your heart rate up. When the plates sit directly against your body your muscles are working hard to push the chest and back out. The small space that is made with the Ergo in the back allowed for less resistance because the plate was not sitting directly on the back. This helped greatly with breathing and was a direct result of more effective shots on the move.


Secondly, another notable change on the second run was the amount of heat buildup that was illustrated when I removed my PC. Between the first and second run I took a break as I had accumulated some sweat on both my chest and back. I let my heart rate return to normal and dried my sweater before I began the second run with the Ergo. When I removed my PC after the second run, I noticed the sweat build up on my back was almost nonexistent and my chest was slightly less sweaty. Working in a winter environment is tricky because the body doesn’t give you the early warnings of dehydration like warmer climate do. Thus, the transfer of heat is crucial not only in a warmer climate and this is heavily affected by keeping the heart rate down.


Essentially three main differences with the Ergo attached to my plate carrier;

  1. Improved weight distribution

  2. Improved breathing

  3. Improved airflow and cooling on next to skin


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