GX - Level II & IIIA Ballistic Soft Body Armour

Utilizing Higher Performing Ballistic Material Results In Longer Lasting Armour, Less Backface and Improved Multi-Hit Capabilities

Interior ballistic material is constructed of Honeywell GoldFlex. Gold Flex is a “Non-Woven” unidirectional (cross-plied) laminate that has a very low weight and strong protection against NIJ threats. It provided excellent protection against Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or steel jacketed rounds and is designed for outstanding comfort in combination with greater mobility. Our GX Ballistic armour provides excellent performance regarding concealment systems, and tactical body armor for Law Enforcement, Military, and VIP protection. 


Surpasses the NIJ 0101.06 body armor standards for protective body armor. Our line of Gold Flex ballistic panels in combination with our advanced manufacturing methods has a substantial reduction of blunt force trauma protecting you from harmful kinetic energy. Excessive amounts of uncontrolled kinetic energy (Kinetic meaning Moving Energy: Blunt Force Trauma is experienced after a high velocity impact) can result in severe bodily harm or death if not properly controlled within the ballistic system. Our armour is designed to exceed the NIJ standards for protecting the operator against the kinetic energy which reduces the chances and severity of secondary injury.

  GX Ballistic Armour Features

  • Panel constructed with Gold Flex ballistic material

  • Surpasses NIJ 0101.06 body armor standards

  • Protects against fragments, bullets, and other shrapnel

  • Ultrasonic Sealed Rip-Stop Nylon for 100% waterproof ballistic panels

  • Proprietary stitching methods enhance performance

  • Designed specifically for operator comfort & mobility

  • All soft and hard ballistic systems have been tested and qualified to the NIJ 0101.06 and or NIJ 0115.00 body armor standards.


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