Our Company​ 

Ergo Operations Ltd is a developer and international dealer of innovative, ergonomically advanced, performance-enhancing tactical equipment for Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Border Patrol and Security personnel. 


Founded by a human bio-mechanics specialist and chiropractor with experience in helping maximize the performance of elite amateur and professional athletes.


Ergo Operations applies science to tactical performance that creates products that reduce physical restrictions and unburden the modern war-fighter and law enforcement officers in tactical situations.

Our Products

Ergo Operations is driven to provide our customers with the most advanced products that meet or exceed their requirements.


Our innovative products are developed in house.  In the event a customer has a specific problem that cannot be solved with one of our existing products, we source innovative suppliers on your behalf to deliver the most advanced solution for that particular need.

How We’re Different

Competitive manufacturers have attempted to address the shortcomings of current body armour carrier systems, with limited success.


Some have made headway in increasing cooling; others have reduced weight.  But until now, none has been able to “crack the code” to produce a system that delivers the total package of improved comfort, reduced fatigue, efficient load distribution, enhanced cooling, and increased performance. 


Our breakthrough resulted from an innovative, never before accomplished collaboration that pulled together the best thinking from design, function, medical/ergonomics, and tactical operator input to create a total performance package.


It was never our intent to completely reinvent the armour carrier, just to improve it.  A key benefit of our products is the fact they can be integrated into any armor carrier, where it immediately enhances and upgrades that carrier.

Tested With Tier 1 Special Operations Units

Our products were developed with input and data from sports biomechanics specialists, military doctors, chiropractors, special operators, and law enforcement officers. 


Of course, the ultimate test of their design is how they perform in tactical situations.  And there, with the toughest critics imaginable, the reviews were outstanding.


We tested the Ergo Performance System operationally with Tier 1 special operations units and elite law enforcement teams. Through advanced medical and performance testing, we collected hard data we used to verify performance and inform our development process. 


After three years in development, including use by two Tier 1 units deployed in the war in Iraq, the results were undeniable. 



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