The StreetFighter was designed as a lightweight, armored tracking vest that can be worn for full shifts without causing fatigue or chaffing. Dogs retain their full agility and Outlast helps regulate their body temperature to prevent over heating.


We redesigned the concept of K9 armor based-on feedback from police and military units who have lost their K9 team members in situations where there wasn’t ample time to equip their dogs with the right gear. Our K9 harnesses are lightweight, help to regulate body heat while still protecting all vital organs and are quick to get on and off the K9.


The StreetFighter stands up to years of hard daily use by working K9's and is used by Law Enforcement and Special Forces K9 Handlers across Canada the United States and Europe. It's lightweight design, quick donning and Outlast Thermal Management Technology make the StreetFighter a versatile, comfortable harness working dogs can wear for full shifts, ensuring they are always protected when confronting a threat.


An unarmored harness includes a flotation insert in the price. When you purchase an armored harness a flotation insert will not be provided because the armor is also positively buoyant.

  • Level 2 & 3 Spike/Slash and level II & IIIA ballistic armour inserts and a flotation insert are available

  • Harness with armour is positively bouyant

  • Protects all vitals but allows K9 to retain full agility

  • Harness dries quickly in the sun

  • Stands up to years of hard use

  • High-angle upgrade is available for rappelling and rope work

  • Wide range of adjustment and modular components create a custom fit for each K9

  • Low maintenance design is easy to clean and maintain

  • Chest, shoulder and body armour is removable for easy cleaning or to be replaced with a different set of inserts to suit the mission requirement


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