Ergo Operations was founded by Dr. Jim Mylonas, a human performance/biomechanics specialist and chiropractor whose experience includes working with elite amateur and professional athletes to help them maximize physical performance and reach their true athletic potential.

While working on a contract to help train 75+ United States Navy medical doctors at Camp Pendleton in California, Dr. Mylonas came in contact with members of the US military (US Marines, Marine Special Operations Command, and Naval Special Warfare personnel.) who routinely wear body armour.


He became intrigued by the stories they told about the difficulties associated with wearing 

body armour; in particular that the carriers which contain protective armour plates are hot, 

heavy, restrictive, uncomfortable, and can result in injuries to the wearer. 


As any elite operator would agree, those characteristics are not conducive

to perform at the highest level.

Trained to maximize human performance, not inhibit it, Dr. Mylonas immediately began to

focus on ways that body armour could become less of a hindrance to those wearing it. 


His experience with professional athletes had shown him that superior equipment can be

the critical difference between victory and defeat. 


For military and law enforcement personnel, the stakes are obviously much higher.  He even trained as a tactical medic in order to better understand the equipment itself and to gain firsthand knowledge of the physical demands placed on end-users.

Thus, creating Ergo Operations Ltd., which specializes in improving the ergonomics and treating dysfunctions associated with wearing body armour.


Ergo Operations has created a slate of above-standard products that are more comfortable, less restrictive, and attach directly to your existing equipment. This enables modern warfighters and elite law enforcement officers to perform at their physical peak with less fatigue and fewer injuries.

Ortho-Armor is a custom-molded back support, which fits between the ballistic panel in a vest and the wearer’s back. This support was developed through collaboration between Elite Sports Bio-mechanics Specialists, Chiropractors, Military Medical Doctors, Special Operators, and Law Enforcement Personnel.


Ortho-Armor is the only system of its kind and was developed by focusing on improving the interface between equipment and officer. It is a lightweight support that helps correct posture, prevent injury, improve comfort and fits directly into any soft armor carrier.

  • Covered by most extended health care benefits plans

  • Ortho-Armor has been thoroughly tested in the field, with 700+ officers currently wearing it in their vests.

  • The benefits have been especially noted after using the Ortho while standing for prolonged periods (most notably during 8 hour paid duties).

  • Ortho-Armor has also been found to reduce secondary impact forces by 80% and will not cause injury to the wearer after being shot multiple times.


Think of our products as Orthotics for your Back!

Military Back Support
Military Back Support
Military Back Support
Military Back Support

An innovative, patented lightweight body armor suspension system that fits comfortably between a plate carrier and the wearer’s back. A key benefit of the EPS is the fact it can be incorporated into an existing plate carrier and is a belt-free load lift system to enhance plate carrier comfort.

  • Dissipates heat by increasing airflow/ventilation by an average of 50%

  • Decreases heat under back panel of carrier by 12-16 degrees F

  • Increases thoracic range of motion by 25-68%

  • Increase lung capacity by 17%, thus decreasing fatigue

  • Decreases back muscle fatigue by 10-25%

Don't let back pain be "part of the job"

Ortho-Armor Custom Back Support


Ortho-Armor is an upgrade to your existing vest and immediately improves postural support and comfort while also decreasing the risk of back pain/injury.


The Ergo Performance System helps increase range of motion, enhance ventilation, optimize performance, prevent injury, and improve comfort.


Our seminars will provide you with the fundamental skills of evaluating and fitting officers with Ortho-Armor as a registered healthcare provider. Courses are eligible for a continuous education credit.


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