Ergo-Operations Ltd. is a full-service improvement, efficiency, and ergonomic consultant team based in Toronto, ON. 


We focus on leading companies through improving their equipment's ergonomics and developing solutions to their current product limitations no matter how challenging they may be. 


We deliver real-world solutions that impact performance, efficiency, quality, and safety. At Ergo, we believe innovation, science, and validation by end-users = Maximum Performance.

In order to optimize product performance, we use a unique approach that combines innovative thinking with tactical function for the warfighter.


We help companies navigate and build the bridges to overcome the typical divide between product designers, R&D, medical/biomechanical specialists, end-users and stakeholders.

Our experience across diverse industries allows Ergo-Operations Ltd. to understand unique challenges, remove complexity, and deliver meaningful, measurable results leading to sustainable change. 


We use Innovation; we know Science and have the know-how to improve your performance. 


What's Unique About Working With Ergo?

  • We don't pitch abilities; We ask questions to clearly understand your issues and objectives

  • Clients appreciate our straight forward and matter-of-fact approach (Frank--No Fluff)

  • We use a 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' approach to all of our services

  • We are long-term relationship builders, NOT just project/transaction focused

  • We are motivated by and integrate your experience, to achieve team-oriented success



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